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Diablos and Congos Festival

rey congo
cantantes congo

The first Diablos and Congos Festival was celebrated in Portobelo on March 19th, 2000.

On the event’s early years the festivities where held inside the San Jerónimo Fort, declared as a World Heritage Site by Unesco. The great crowds that gathered there, growing every year, created some concern over the building’s fragile state, so a decision was made to move the festival to the main Portobelo plaza, where it is now celebrated every year to a local and international audience.

Pollera Conga Festival

This homage to African Colonial culture conserves and promotes the region’s rich traditions, focusing on the priceless contribution that the African Colonial woman has had on this territory’s history, defying slavery to achieve her mission of the survival and preservation of all the manifestations that the make up the so-called Congo Culture.



The Portobelo Black Christ

On the 21st of October in 1658, the statue with an image of a Black Christ arrived on the beaches of the Panamanian township of Portobelo, and since then it has remained in the hearts of Panamanians and many foreigners alike. The Nazarene, as it is called, is Panama’s most important saint and well known in many regions of Latin America. This is the scenario for one of Panama’s most important religious traditions: the Cristo Negro festivities, where thousands of travelers from all over the country and abroad congregate on the town.